American Baptist Men

The American Baptist Men (ABMen) Ministry is a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to men throughout the American Baptist USA denomination and beyond. FBC is actively involved with ABMen, and our minister is the editor of the Great Rivers Region (GRR) ABMen UpStream Newsletter. Pastor Brian is also the publisher of the GRR ABMen's Disaster Relief Newsletter. Both newsletters are combined into one GRR ABMen's Newsletter.

ABMen Disaster Relief

The ABMen Disaster Relief Ministry seeks to serve those affected by local, state and federally declared disasters. The ministry provides post-disaster cleanup by removing the water, mud, trees and/or debris and damaged personal possessions resulting from storms or other disasters.

ABMen Disaster Relief responds to federally declared disasters when requested by the state's Volunteers Organized Against Disasters (VOAD) organization after the national coordinator has notified the National VOAD that ABMen Disaster Relief is available to respond. State and local responses are at the request of the state or local VOAD or through our regional or state conventions, associations or local churches.

FBC Mahomet & ABMen

Our pastor, Brian Romanowski, is part of the leadership team for ABMen of the Great Rivers Region (ABM GRR). As a Team Captain, Brian works with leadership in disaster areas, coordinates volunteers and manages his team when ABM GRR is called to help. FBC is committed to supporting ABMen Disaster Relief with funds, materials and volunteers, and church members work with ABMen on several projects each year.